Imagine a place where the natural curiosity of a child is appreciated. Imagine an atmosphere where ideas are explored and brought to life. Imagine an environment where students are called upon to think about ideas and issues and called upon to articulate those thoughts and ideas. When Charlotte Mason states that “Education is an Atmosphere,” these are some of the things she means.

What does such an atmosphere look like? What does it contain? It is our intention that our classrooms be age-appropriate places of discovery. We want these learning rooms to be comfortable places for our students to explore living ideas. Think second home, rather than sterile classroom. The classroom should be a place where students are encouraged to explore their interests. The atmosphere should encourage the development of ideas.

These intentions translate into classrooms that look different than the modern classrooms of rowed desks. Some have groups areas of desks. Some have reading areas with pillows. Some have areas devoted to the exploration of living ideas. All have a special feel that emanate from a philosophy that children learn best in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Because, as Charlotte Mason says, “Education is an atmosphere,” Arborbrook seeks to create classrooms that foster living ideas.

Dr. Andy Zawacki
Head of School