Favorite teachers, moments and highlights from Arborbrook’s community.

Community Spotlights

Who is your favorite all-time teacher?

That is so hard, I love all my teachers!  I have 2 top ones. My first one is Miss Kimball.  I just love her.  She is amazing! She helps me understand math and she teaches it so wonderfully that you understand it and she cares about you learning it and understanding it.  Ahhhh, she’s just amazing.  She will even offer you hot chocolate if she has some.  I’ve always loved math and she has made me have an even deeper love for it.  And my second one, who is a tie, is Mrs. Mangas who is the science teacher.  My class, to be honest, is more English-minded so they don’t really like math or science.  So before she came, they really didn’t like science.  She came in and it has become the student’s favorite subject.  I’ve never seen the students fall in love with a subject just because of the way she taught it, they understood.  It wasn’t just like I’m taking this class and I’m gonna hear a lecture that will blow right through our heads and not remember it.  They remember what they learn and they love the teacher.  She is amazing and she helps me.  She has a lot of the same passions as I do. I really love it!


What is your advice for the students coming up behind you in school?

It is good to spend time with friends and build relationships and not make school your idol.  But, grades are also important and you need to have good time management.  Your grades matter for going to college and on your transcript.  But, don’t stress too much over it where you have no time with friends or it’s affecting your health.  Balance is a huge thing and prayer and trusting in God.  Trusting God is a huge thing.  Once you trust Him, everything will be balanced for you.


Favorite All-Time Teacher:

Mrs. Gillenwater – 7th Grade English

What are the advantages of staying at Arborbrook long-term?

You get to know your teachers and how they teach. And, you get to learn.  I really loved that. Having the same friend group I think is great. Just being able to walk with them through different experiences In their life and just building the relationships through the ups and through the downs. Through missions trips, end of 3rd grade, end of 6th grade, end of 8th grade with your class, those are really awesome. I have awesome memories from those.

What will you miss the most after graduation?

Definitely, like friends.  People are what is gonna be so hard.  I won’t be able to run to Miss Kimble in the morning and ask her math questions. I’ll be able to FaceTime and text people, but I won’t get to see my friends on a  regular basis. I’m not gonna get to see them every day. It’s gonna be really hard!  But, it’s gonna be good.