Admissions Info

Requirements For Admission


  1. Learn more about Arborbrook Christian Academy and our philosophy by reading through the informational materials on our website.  Obtain and read a copy of For the Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.  This is required reading for all applicant parents.
  2. Attend an Informational meeting/Open House in January or a Private Meeting/Tour (note that personal tours and meetings with the Head of School are offered all year on Tuesdays and Thursdays), and obtain an Enrollment Packet.  All interested families must attend one of these meetings before submitting an application. 
  3. We are a covenant school.  This means that admission is open to children of families who are believers and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Both parents will agree with and sign our Statement of Faith (included in the enrollment packet), or write and sign a personal testimony and statement of their Christian faith.
  4. Complete an Application for Admission Form and return it along with the application fee.  (One application per student please.)  Note:  Please read, sign, and return ALL required materials in the Enrollment Packet, as outlined below in Step Three.
  5. Include a current Immunization Record along with your application forms (or have this sent from the child’s doctor or the child’s previous school).
  6. Arrange for a transfer of records from a previous school, if appropriate.  Be sure these include the most recent report card and a copy of standardized test results taken within the last year.
  7. Include at least two references per student from the following list: (A reference from church: Pastor, Youth Pastor, Sunday School Teacher; A reference from a previous school: Principal, Teacher; Other adult in the child’s life: Sports Coach, Dance Teacher, etc.)  Note: Distribute all recommendation forms to the appropriate parties and mail or deliver the Request for Records to other schools attended.  These items must be returned to Arborbrook sealed for confidentiality.
  8. Once we have received all the necessary paperwork, including immunization forms, school records, and recommendation forms, we will contact you to schedule a family interview and placement test.  Note: Please encourage the people responsible for returning these forms to us to do so as soon as possible,  in order to expedite your interview and complete your enrollment in a timely manner.  Students whose applications are complete will receive priority over students whose information is late in coming to us.

Acceptance Decisions

Our Admissions Committee will carefully review new student applications.  Acceptance or denial of new students is based on the following criteria:

  • Spiritual Compatibility – Both parents are born-again, Bible-believing Christians and share our core values of keeping the family together as much as possible.  Parents are committed to training children in good habits and Christian character, and agree with the importance of preserving childhood innocence as much as possible.
  • Philosophical Compatibility – Both parents have a good understanding of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education, have read all required materials, including For the Children’s Sake, and agree that they are the primary educators of their children.
  • Financial Compatibility – The family has the financial resources to afford private school tuition, and will not be unduly stressed by tuition and fees.
  • Parental Compatibility – Both parents understand and agree with the Parent Volunteer Cooperative, understand the importance of parental involvement in the child’s education both at home and at school, and desire to be part of a larger community of believers.
  • Student Compatibility – The child responds well to authority, has few to no behavioral problems, and has minor or no learning difficulties.  The child places in a class level in which there is available space.

Steps To Enrollment

Step One:  Required Reading

    • All Arborbrook informational materials
    • For the Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay (Must be read before the interview takes place)

Step Two:  Attend an Informational Meeting/Open House (held informally all year on Tuesdays/Thursdays and formally in January)

      • All interested new families are required to attend a meeting/tour or Open House before submitting an application. 

Step Three:  Complete and Gather Forms

      • Application/Registration Form *
      • Parental Responsibilities / Family Commitment Form
      • Financial Agreement / Refund Policy *
      • Statement of Faith *
      • Two Recommendation Forms
      • Standardized Test Results
      • Most Recent Report Card
      • Immunization Record

Step Four:  Interview & Placement Test

      • Parents will have an interview with the Admissions Counselor and one member of the Admissions Committee
      • All new students entering grades K-12 will take a placement test