I’m working on my Gracie’s Kindergarten application right now. What a blessing to have this group of people loving my boy! At Arborbrook, they love my child for who God made him to be and teach to his learning style. Never once in four years has he said that he didn’t want to go to school. They light the fire of curiosity, and my child has flourished.  
Mother to Gabriel and Grace

It is very difficult to put into words how much God has blessed and impacted our family through this school.  We are so thankful that He has allowed us to be a part of what He is doing through Arborbrook, so grateful for how He has molded our children’s hearts, and how He has provided, blessed and changed us through His unique ministry at this school. 
Parents of Matthew and Kelsey

I have been homeschooling my four children for almost 10 years.  Three years ago God called our family to adopt a precious little girl from China.  Having a busy, growing toddler and trying to teach four different grades became too much for me.  Arborbrook saved the day!  My 8th grade son is thriving spiritually, socially and academically.  My younger son will start next fall.  I am so thankful for a school like Arborbrook that honors God and family and provides all the necessities of a quality education.  There is no other school like this in Charlotte and it is exactly what we needed and prayed for.  Thank You!!!
Mom to Nathan and Jonathan

Arborbrook is a God-send for our family.  I know it was the answer to prayer for many.  My children are met where they are as people and helped to grow and learn in a warm and caring environment.  We enjoy time together with the other families in activities in and around school life making school a circle of support and relationships rather than a place to be five days a week.  I learn things from my children and the teaching and office staff all the time.  My children are hearing from wonderful books and seeing parts of history without so much “spin” and interpretation.  They are enjoying thinking on great things and using their minds to grab hold in their own way.  They are not learning for a test; they are learning for life.  My daughter’s greatest complaint in being sick over the past week was that she couldn’t go to school.  This enthusiasm will carry for the future as students are prepared for citizenship in the community and within the body of Christ.
Parents of Grace, Ian, and Rowan

Arborbrook to me is a family, almost more than it is a school.  Not having any extended family in Charlotte, this is especially meaningful to my family.  It means that we have people who truly care about us and our well-being.  It means that we have a family to share our hurts, needs, and concerns with.   Someone is always willing to help, whatever the need may be. Being part of this Arborbrook family also means that we all look out for and take care of each other.  We look for and expect the best in our children.   We are not perfect, but Arborbrook encourages me and my family and we feel truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of fellow Christ-followers as we attempt to honor Him in all that we do!
Arborbrook Mother to Josh, Addie Rose, and Will

I appreciate the vision and integrity of all those who serve at Arborbrook. What a great community of friends!  Our son Ryan has been enjoying his second year at Arborbrook and loves his friends and teachers, and of course the sports program.  We also are thankful that He can learn in an atmosphere of faith and encouragement, away from the peer pressure of the world at this critical time in his life.
Father to Ryan

This school has ministered to me and to my family as much as any church I’ve ever been involved with.  Even though we live over 15 miles away and all of our neighbors and close friends are enrolled at a public school two miles up the road, my children say they never want to leave Arborbrook! This school has brought so much good into our lives.
Arborbrook Mom to three young children

For my family, Arborbrook is a sanctuary — a Christ-centered place of love and learning with a Biblical worldview in which the Word of the Lord starts and ends the school day… the Alpha and Omega.  Parents join together with teachers and staff to train these precious children in the way they should go, fearing the Lord, loving His Word and encouraged to see and seek God in every aspect of their education.
Mother to Lily and Nancy