Board of Trustees

Newest Board Members Julie Tyson and Ulunda Baker

Newest Board Members Julie Tyson and Ulunda Baker

Arborbrook has a Board of Trustees and utilizes a Carver Board Policy Governance model.  Read about the ten principles of policy governance here:  Ten Principles of Policy Governance

The board watches over the affairs of the school and helps set policy, but the staff run the day-to-day operations of the school.  If Arborbrook were a boat, the board would not be at the helm, but rather on the banks of the river looking ahead to see what dangers might be around the bend and helping the captain make course corrections accordingly.  The board hires and evaluates the head of school (who is a non-voting board member) and is also responsible for facilities.  The board makes decisions and operates as a unit; individual board members do not have authority apart from the board itself.

The board is self-propagating.  Choosing new board members is not a democratic process of receiving nominations, but rather a prayerful undertaking of the board itself.  New board members are chosen based upon several factors, including being an active Arborbrook parent who has been at the school at least two years, serving the school within his or her gifting, and demonstrating wisdom and discernment.  An effort is also made to have a diverse board made up of both men and women who have children of different ages at Arborbrook to represent the entire school well.  Arborbrook teachers and staff may not serve on the board.  Board members may serve no more than three consecutive 2-year terms.


Here are the current (2017-2018) members of the Board of Trustees:

Mr. Rex Noble, Board Chair

Mr. Walt Peaseley, Board Vice-Chair

Mrs. Misty Hampton, Board Secretary

Mrs. Ulunda Baker

Dr. Brett Christoffersen

Mr. Matt Depp

Mr. Stewart Little

Mr. Tom Mueth

Mrs. Julie Tyson


If you have a question specifically for the board, please contact Rex Noble, board chair, at Contact Board Chair