About Us

Guiding Principles of Mission, Philosophy & Faith

Let my teaching fall like rain, and my words descend like dew,
like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.
Deuteronomy 32:2

Mission Statement

Arborbrook Christian Academy exists as an extension of the home to assist parents with the high calling of raising their children for God’s glory.  Our desire is to train up children with godly character who have a love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a love for learning.

Core Values

  • Biblical Worldview: Christ-centered environment; Biblical worldview; Pursuit of truth and godliness; Focus on character development; Apologetics and Worldview as required classes in the high school
  • Charlotte Mason Philosophy:  A philosophy of education influenced by the works of Charlotte Mason (living books, narration, nature study, chronological history, importance of humanities, view of child as a whole person made in the image of God)
  • Love of Learning:  Respect for individual differences and unique learning styles; Creative and innovative teaching methods; Hands-on and experiential learning
  • Parental Involvement: Strong support of parents as primary educators; Extensive parental involvement in the school through PVC (Parent Volunteer Cooperative); Friday at-home study days encourage parents to come alongside students as educators
  • Less is More: Small classes which encourage relationships; Shorter days and shorter lessons so learning is enjoyable and students have time to pursue other interests such as sports and music; Shorter weeks so Fridays may be used for field trips, outdoor ed. days, extra time on projects and other work
  • Real-life Learning:  Learning from the environment and the community (Enrichment days, Educational trips, Family outings); internships for high school students

Philosophy of a Christian Educational Program

We believe that the Bible clearly instructs parents to “bring children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.”  Therefore, we seek to teach and discipline in a manner consistent with the Bible and a godly home environment.

We believe that God’s character is not only revealed in His Word, but is also displayed in every facet of His creation.  Therefore, we teach that all knowledge is interrelated and can instruct us about God Himself and our purposes before Him.

We believe God wants us to love Him with our minds, as well as with our hearts, souls, and strength (Matthew 22:37).  Therefore, we seek to challenge children individually and to teach them how to learn, and not simply to learn by unthinking repetition and response.

We believe that our purpose is to assist parents in carrying out their responsibility to educate, nurture, and equip their children so that they become responsible disciples of Christ.  Students are challenged to think deeply and develop a distinctly Christian world and life view.  Arborbrook desires all students to reach their God-given potential in order to be valuable servants in Christ’s kingdom, thus emphasis is placed on godly character, high standards of conduct and excellence in academics.

School Motto

“I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will”

Children in schools founded by Miss Charlotte Mason wore badges on their collars.  The words on the badges read:  I am, I can, I ought, I will.  This motto was a daily reminder of who they were and therefore how they should behave.  At Arborbrook Christian Academy, we have adopted this motto as well.

I Am
I am a unique child, created in the image of God.  I am His image bearer, important to Him, and loved by Him.  It is crucial to us, as educators who are entrusted with the care of these children for a portion of their lives, that we come along side their parents and help shape this foundational belief in each child.  We will value our students as human beings made in the very image of God, for the purpose of loving Him and being loved by Him.  This is vital to their sense of worth (self esteem) and to their sense of who they are in Christ (Christ esteem).

I Can
I have the ability to live a life that is pleasing to God.    “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Every child has unique gifts and talents given to him by his Creator.  As educators, we will encourage each child in their abilities and communicate to them that they are able to do what God requires them to do.

I Ought
I should do what is right and pleasing to God.  It’s my responsibility as a child of God to do the things He instructs me to do.  Absolute truth does exist.  We can know what is right and wrong.  As educators, working along side parents, we will teach children what is right and wrong according to God’s Word.  Godly discipline grounded in love and concern for the child’s well being will help the child develop a strong sense of right and wrong and the desire to do what is right.

I Will
I will choose to do what is right and pleasing to God.  God has given me free will and I will to do the right thing.  Students always have a choice.  Right choices lead to praise, encouragement and a sense of godly pride.  Wrong choices lead to natural and usually negative consequences.  As educators, we value the infinite worth of each child, teach and model what is good and pleasing to the Lord our God, and assure the child that he is able to do the right thing.